Monday. A shattered soap dispenser, another hand closed in a door, and a plant knocked off the mantle. Monday.

Dorothy figured out to get out of her crib last night, which means Ana will learn tomorrow. She climbed out, went to sleep on Teresa’s bed, then nearly fell out of bed if we didn’t catch her. She had found her water bottle and it fell off the bed, which led us to investigate just in time before she would have rolled off. The era of child captivity is over.

I really dig and what I think it will lead to. I’ll fiddle some—I like post titles, but using them truncates the content on as is. Probably make a quick plugin to make it work nicely together.

I’m now on at @bjk. I’m trying it as a indie web/microblog aggregation tool that allows all of my content to still live on this site while microblog posts are shared in the social network.

Wearing a Suit

The nice thing about being a life insurance agent in a former life is I’m very comfortable wearing a suit.

Same site, only blog-ier: Introducing

I flipped my site over last night to live officially at In addition to being a more accurate domain name than “”, it’s also a bit easier to say and share with folks.

No offense to the Isle of Man—the country for whom .im belongs—I’ve spread your fame far and wide in sharing my URL before. I’m still planning on visiting someday.

This site has always been a blog since it started in 2002. It seems to be a format I’m sticking with, so let’s call a spade a spade, eh?