Who Is Brandon Kraft?

I’m Kraft.

There’s no relation to the company. Or the guy in New England. Or the former NASA administrator. I’m sure there is some relationship somewhere, but we’re all related at some point.

Most importantly, I am married and the father of six wonderful little girls. We’re Catholic and do our best to do right by everyone.

Most people, including my wife, call me Kraft. You can too.

I work at Automattic as an engineering group manager. We’re the company behind WordPress.com,  Jetpack, Akismet spam blocking, WooCommerce eCommerce solutions, Tumblr, and more, having fun while making the web a better place. Currently, I focus on the Jetpack plugin that brings enhancements from WordPress.com to sites using the WordPress.org software, leading the teams that handle Jetpack’s foundational technology, data processing, and developer experience.

In my free time, I am a core contributor to WordPress, a youth baseball league administrator, and a Benedictine oblate.

What am I doing now?