What Am I Doing Now?

Without getting too deep into the details, professionally, I work on Jetpack.

After three months in my boss’ job as he took his quinquennial sabbatical, I’m back in my usual lead role with the Jetpack Developer Experience/Release Management team (known internally as “Jetpack Ground Control”).

I haven’t been on a plane since February 2020 and with nothing booked in the future yet. Which still is weird to me, even after all that was 2020.

We’re back to in-person church and school. I’m not thrilled about how Gov. Abbott is treating COVID as something to ignore, but alas, it is where we are. Five of the six kids are fully vaccinated.

Still an oblate novice of St. Meinrad’s Archabbey. I’m taking some liberties with their timeframe for the process. Thanks for being flexible, y’all. I’m penciled in for a June 4, 2022 final oblation assuming I finish some paperwork and the petition is accepted.

On the board for Delwood Sports, the local youth sports program. With COVID, I’m not planning on returning to coaching quite yet, so focusing on continuing with my registration, geeky stuff and my board position on our associated 501(c)3, Friends of Delwood Sports.

Lastly, finished my first semester of MBA coursework with the Dillard College of Business Administration at Midwestern State University.

MBA Progress

Location: Austin, TX
Kids: 6
Unique Beers Consumed per Untappd: 1,879
Hot Dog States: 38

Last updated: December 30, 2021

Inspired by Derek Sivers.