Happiness Badges

Happiness Badges

A number of Automatticians worked to create these “happiness badges” for a variety of roles that Happiness Engineers serve in. The badges were retroactive to things you’ve worked on in the past too. For me, the badges represent work in our old “Core Happiness” team, Jetpack, VaultPress, WordPress.com’s public forums, Themes/CSS (even though I turned the badge to look like a frowny guy 😄), WordPress.com’s private e-mail support, mobile app support, community guardian (Terms of Service enforcement), and a new hire/trial trainer.

No badges for VIP or working on the open-source project (yet) and I have my sights set on leveling up on Akismet in the near-ish future.

While small and of little tangible value, I love things like this. I forget the variety of things I’ve done and that I still have new places to explore and things to learn. These little bits of fabric are pretty darn cool.





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