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  • Magellan: My Trip Around The World

    Magellan: My Trip Around The World

    I’ve been with Automattic for nearly 11 years. The company is fully distributed, so there are no offices, but we have regular meetups and in-person events. I’ve been to quite a few places worldwide, including across the US, Canada, Italy, Spain, Ireland, the Dominican Republic, Belize, Montenegro, The Netherlands, and so forth. This month, I…

  • Support Rotation

    At Automattic, after being hired, your first two weeks on the job is working with our Happiness teams to directly support customers. For engineers or designers, it gives you a taste of who we’re building this for. For other roles, it is a reminder that we’re all contributing toward the success of our customers in…

  • I Don’t Think I’m Going To Go Anymore

    I Don’t Think I’m Going To Go Anymore

    I think I’m not going to back to work for awhile.

  • Knock Knock WHOIS There?

    Knock Knock WHOIS There?

    You can still have fun while being corporate and while doing legal processes. One thing that brings me joy at work is to hear of the names we come up for entities. There’s Automattic, of course, named after Matt. We have a few subsidiaries in other countries to help streamline employment matters for Automatticians in…

  • Drinking Dublin🍻

    Drinking Dublin🍻

    Dublin is an excellent place to settle down with a nice pint.

  • Praying Dublin 🙏

    Praying Dublin 🙏

    Ireland is known as the motherland for a very sizable of the Catholic migration to America. The Catholic Church in Ireland is going through a time of transition, and rightfully so. Between actual abuses and difficulty remaining relevant in the day-to-day lives of the Irish, Catholicism is often only a cultural practice, not including a truly religious…