WordPress 4.3 Coming Soon!

The next version of WordPress is quickly approaching release later this summer and testing builds are in the wild!

There is a nice list of new and improved features, including a couple of improvements on the new Press This released in 4.2 back in April. In the upcoming version we’ve add the code/text editor so you can amend the HTML markup of your Press This-drafted post without having to save and open up the full standard editor.

Check it out!1

Today, the 4th beta shipped and so we are close to reaching the final stages before launching it the world. You can read more about the features added in the Beta 1, Beta 2, and Beta 3 announcement posts.

  1. Standard beta rules apply: While we think everything is working (well enough), this software is in the development so things might break. Don’t use on a site you can live with being broken. I’m running the latest version here and so far so good. 







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