COVID in Austin Update (July 20)


Really, I didn’t see that much come across my desk that I thought was COVID notable today.

State of Texas

Mondays are often slow coming off the weekend.

  • 7,404 new cases.
  • 62 deaths — we now have over 4,000 lab-confirmed deaths in Texas.
  • 10,569 in the hospital. A slight decrease. We’re seemingly maybe flattening the curve.

This doesn’t take into account specific areas. I’m hearing personal accounts that the RGV is still really struggling within the clinical environments.

Travis County (Austin)

Today, while Monday, dare I say look mostly good.

  • 145 new cases. Lowest since July 4th, which itself was an oddball. June 22nd was the date before that we had a lower number.
  • 6 deaths. That’s not good. 5.29 is now our 7day rolling average, a new record high.
  • 480 in the hospital and 158 in the ICU. Exactly the same as yesterday which strikes me as odd. I’ll check later tonight and update in case there’s some delay there.
  • 108 on vents, slightly lower, which I don’t really think of that good of a sign given 6 deaths.
  • Only 43 new admissions. Our lowest since June 22nd. The average there fell to the lowest since July 1: 65.8.

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