COVID in Austin Update (June 13)

It’s a Saturday and weekend days have traditionally been “better” as results tend to back up to spike early in the week.

Austin saw 147 new cases reported today, which is the all-time second highest after Tuesday’s 161.

On the hospitalization front, better news both in number of those hospitalized dipped from 134 yesterday to 111 today. We still had 15 new admissions, which along with the rapid increase last week, ended up pushing up our 7-day moving average to a new high of 18. “Stage 3” tops at 19 and anything over moves us into “Stage 4”.

Mayor Adler stated that we’re likely to now extend the City and County’s Stay-at-Home orders, but they’re rather toothless since Governor Abbott has increasingly reduced local control on this issue through the Governor’s executive orders.

Wear a mask and, even though legally you can, avoid groups—especially indoors.






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