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  • Uvalde


    Today’s horrific shooting at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde is a tragedy beyond words. First, for the murdered, I pray that they’re in the Kingdom now in a place without pain or sadness. For the families and loved ones of the ones we lost, I hope and pray that they can process this surrounded by…

  • History Repeats

    History Repeats

    I’m sadden by the developments in Ukraine. History does repeat itself. My ancestors were Black Sea Germans—Germans who migrated to modern-day Ukraine at the invitation of Catherine the Great and Alexander I. My ancestors were promised peace, ability to worship and speak German freely, and exempt from military service. It began to change in the…

  • One Year Later

    One Year Later

    One year ago today, I was watching a livestream of the U.S. Presidential Election Certification while at work. I didn’t pay attention leading up to January 6, 2021 to know about President Trump’s rally that morning and, since I was watching only what was happening in the chamber, I was overall ignorant of what was…

  • Statement on SB 8

    Statement on SB 8

    The 87th Legislature passed Senate Bill 8, the so-called “Texas Heartbeat Act”. I find myself in a torn state regarding this bill. First, I sincerely believe in the sacredness of the whole human life—the “whole life movement” is a fair bucket that I fit into. On that front, reducing abortion is a good thing. Second,…

  • Juneteenth


    Juneteenth allows us to more fully celebrate the Fourth of July.

  • Austin Downtown Shooting

    Can we learn what happened this morning before using the shooting as political fodder?