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  • If I Were A Bishop During COVID

    If I Were A Bishop During COVID

    In a pretend world, if I was the abbot of the territorial abbey of Krafton (known by the locals as Krafton Abbey) and had the responsibility for a group of the faithful, as a bishop does for his diocese, I would write a letter like this to them. Pʀᴀɪsᴇ ʙᴇ ᴛᴏ Jᴇsᴜs Cʜʀɪsᴛ… Dear sisters…

  • 26 Years Later

    26 years ago, I was sitting in Mrs. Wilson’s 5th Grade science class when a classmate across the lab bench from me asked if I heard about the bombing in Oklahoma City. At the time, I thought she probably didn’t know what she was talking about or, at least, it was a “small bomb”, whatever…

  • All Adults Eligible

    All Adults Eligible

    All adults in Texas will be eligible for the COVID vaccine starting on March 29th. In some areas of the state, demand in the priority groups is dropping, but in Austin, we’re still seeing a lot of Phase 1 folks trying to get a vaccine. In other words, just because the state is making everyone…

  • Texas 1C Announced

    Texas 1C Announced

    Texas vaccine access has expanded to include all those 50 or older. See all the phases and some tips for Austin.

  • Eyes of Texas Report Released

    Eyes of Texas Report Released

    As an alumnus, I am very happy to see the detail in The University of Texas at Austin “Eyes of Texas” report. I need to sit with it, read it carefully, and think about it before commenting further. Agree or disagree, I do appreciate the obvious time and effort that went into it. The site…

  • Back to Normal?

    Back to Normal?

    Sigh. Here’s my take on what Gov. Abbott will announce tomorrow.