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  • A New Record

    I’m not going to resume my daily COVID posts that I did over the summer (at least not yet), but wanted to interrupt my non-programming to share that Texas hit a new record high number today. 10,865 new cases reported in the last 24 hours.

  • First Case at a Kid’s School

    First Case at a Kid’s School

    One of my kiddo’s schools has their first positive COVID case within the building. They announced this via a letter to parents today. Stay safe, everyone. I hate this and hope we can overcome this soon.

  • Bars To Reopen Next Week

    Bars To Reopen Next Week

    Gov. Abbott has ordered that bars can reopen starting October 14th if the county judge opts-in and only in areas where the COVID hospitalization rate is under 15%. Here’s the current status of that: TSA Region Main City % Hospitalizationfor COVID, Oct 7 A Amarillo 15.8% B Lubbock 13.5% C Wichita Falls 4.3% D Abilene…

  • COVID in Austin Update (July 28)

    COVID in Austin Update (July 28)

    Education (aka What The Hell, Texas?) To preface, a reminder that the Attorney General in Texas is a totally separate elected official from the Governor. Unlike on the Federal level, the AG does not serve the chief executive. Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton issued a non-binding letter regarding local heath authority’s abilities to close schools.…

  • COVID in Austin Update (July 27)

    COVID in Austin Update (July 27)

    After going nearly 40 days with daily updates, I’ve been a little lax. A combination of having a recuperating wife at home and news is a bit light on the weekends. This is going to be here awhile. Governor Abbott issued two orders today that helps underscores that he’s expecting the virus to remain an…

  • COVID in Austin Update (July 24)

    COVID in Austin Update (July 24)

    Sorry for missing yesterday! My wife had an urgent surgery yesterday—they waited until the next day to do the surgery, so I guess “emergency” isn’t the right term? I’m going to reverse order and start with the numbers today. Travis County (Austin) I want to start on a solemn note. Today, we had 12 deaths,…