Hot Dogs Across America

I am on a quest.

A good friend and I are in competition to see who can eat a hot dog in each of the 50 states of the Union, plus DC, first.

The contest began in 2004 on a trip to Arizona while watching a Diamondbacks game. As we ate hot dogs ordered from the concession stands, we realized that as an American food item, the hot dog would probably be in every state. Then we decided to see if it truly was.

40 states as of June 2022 with the additions of Arkansas and Kentucky.

List of documented hot dogs, in order of consumption

In 2015, I gave a short presentation at Automattic’s Grand Meetup on the hot dog quest. You can watch it below. The video cuts off, but the ending was of a teammate magically having a hot dog on his person that I ate on stage for the Utah hot dog.


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