Location: LaFortune Student Center, Notre Dame, IN, 46556

Hot Dog: A quarter dog!

Inside the LaFortune Student Center, there is was a cherished tradition of the store selling hot dogs for a quarter after midnight, which sounds ripe for this quest.1

The student center was next to Vanessa’s dorm and across the quad from the men’s dorm we were staying in. Vanessa, being the Domer, has many stories about LaFortune, grabbing a quarter dog, trying to hide from the streakers, buying a drink at a particular shop because of the guy behind the counter, and so it was special treat to have my own little piece of Notre Dame lore.

How would I grade the hot dog? In terms of after midnight, college life, 25-cent food? It was amazing.

Check out the original account of the trip.

  1. I learned in the process of this write-up that quarter dogs haven’t been 25 cents since 2010