Location: Olive Branch Cafe, 26 Railroad Ave, Greenwich, CT 06830

Hot Dog: Kosher Hot Dog, Sauerkraut, Ketchup

I was in New York City for Pope Benedict’s visit and knew that only a few miles up the track was a new state—previously, I already picked up NY and NJ. I went to Grand Central Station and purchased a ticket to Connecticut. The first stop across the state line. I wasn’t picky.

After leaving the station at Grenwich, I walked down the stairs to Railroad Ave. Right as rain, there was the Olive Branch Cafe serving hot dogs. I felt like the world was perfectly aligned in that moment.

I bought the kosher hot dog for ~$3 and a soda, ate it, then walked out the opposite direction to the other entrance to the station. The train pulled up a few minutes later and I was rushed back to the City. The most efficient crossing state lines for a hot dog yet.