Location: Pilot Travel Center, 8020 Campstool Rd, Cheyenne, WY 82007

Hot Dog: Plain with ketchup and relish

This was hard one. They day before we had driven from El Paso, TX to Cheyenne, WY, including a hot dog stop in Colorado. On this day, we needed to get from Cheyenne to Aberdeen, South Dakota including a decent stop at Mt. Rushmore. With three kids and a pregnant-with-twins wife. Oy.

To be clear, this means this hot dog came before breakfast at dawn when gassing up the van. The sun had risen just enough to completely blind you as you tried to add ketchup or relish to the dog, which is probably intentional because if you are standing at the hot dog stand in a gas station at a time when the sun would be there, you’re stupid enough to burn out your eyeballs.

The things we do for a hot dog.