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A New Roller Coaster

Vanessa took a pregnancy test and you won’t believe what happened next!
For those who have been faithful readers of this site and the 12 years I’ve written on it as a blog, anytime there is a huge life announcement, I announce it here. Here we go again.

La Casa de Kraft is again expanding! Vanessa is pregnant!

This is now our fourth time to the rodeo and couldn’t be more excited. As mentioned the last time we announced a kiddo, we weren’t trying, but we had both said we thought we were ready for another.

Vanessa went to the to the OB to get the kiddo’s first picture and called me on the way home. She told me what the doctor told her. I laughed because I wasn’t sure what else to do. I waited for her to tell me she was kidding.

The first picture of the new addition:
Baby A

Notice, the little A in the bottom corner.

Special thanks to Jeremy Herve for this GIF reaction from when I told him.
Special thanks to Jeremy Herve for this GIF reaction from when I told him.

Here’s the second picture, with a little B in the corner:
Baby B

When Vanessa told me we were having twins, to say I was shocked is beyond an understatement.

My on-going joke about in response to “How many kids do y’all want?” has always been “I’ll take as many as God gives me, just give them to me one at a time.”

We since visited a specialist who confirmed that we should be having identical twins (mono/di). The response from my family has been “Does it run in her family? There aren’t twins in our family!” Identical twins, apparently, are completely random with an occurrence in 3 in every 1,000 births, which is constant throughout time and across the global. No hereditary trait. Pure luck.

While I’m confident in having a baby, now, after three, with two newborns at once, it feels like a whole new rodeo. A couple of my coworkers who have had multiples have already been more than helpful (Zandy and Pam) and we’re starting the journey with When You’re Expecting Twins, Triplets, or Quads: Proven Guidelines for a Healthy Multiple Pregnancy by Barbara Luke. If you have other suggestions, drop them in the comments! 🙂

She’s due in the first week of January, but we’re going to assume December will be as late as it happens. Looks like La Casa de Kraft will have seven stockings on the fireplace for Christmas!

By Brandon Kraft

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You and your family are truly blessed Brandon! The Medina family will be praying for you in this new journey. Congrats!

I’m SO glad you’re reading the Dr Luke book. It was my Bible. That, and the mothering multiples forum on If V wants to talk natural childbirth, I had my guys without medication. They were born at 37w 5d, both weighing over 6 lbs. I’d be happy to answer any questions you might have.

It is SOOOO amazing, isn’t it? Even after 6 years, I still look at my boys and say, ‘whoa’.

Wow, in my whole life I have only known two sets of twins. One set a brother and sister and the second set two identical sisters. Those two girls were out of this world!!! Different as can be in personalities but the same to look at!! Even now at over 50 they still make you look twice. They can trick even me who has known them for over 40 years!! Congratulations and what a blessing from God. He chose you and Vanessa for these two angels from heaven!!

Congratulations! I actually pointed out the random possibility of twins to another expectant mother who attempted to reassure her husband by saying they only come one at a time. What joy! Praying for you!


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