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  • Monday. A shattered soap dispenser, another hand closed in a door, and a plant knocked off the mantle. Monday.

  • The Price of Twins

    The Price of Twins

    Yesterday,Β we celebrated the one-year anniversary of the twins coming home from the hospital (for the first time) and I received a response to my inquiry from the hospital billing department. Even though everything has been finalized since April and we paid the last of the bills in June, they keep on sending us monthly statements…

  • Happy Birthday Twins

    Happy Birthday Twins

    From last weekend, the Picture of the Week is Ana and Dorothy teaching us the proper way to eat a cupcake.

  • Coffee is Nourishment β˜•οΈ

    One year ago at this time, we were on the 2nd floor of Seton Medical Center waiting for Ana and Dorothy to be born. This sign is outside of their “Nourishment” room, which had an empty fridge, an ice machine, and plenty of coffee. I defer to their determination that coffee is, in fact, nourishment.…

  • The Kind of Grandfather I Hope To Be | In Search of Fatherhood

    Wrote a few words tonight on the Daddyblog. I miss writing/recording there, so here’s to making time to start that up again on some type of regular rotation. The Kind of Grandfather I Hope To Be | In Search of Fatherhood

  • Running Before Crawling

    This is a story about marathons, babies, the NICU, and more. To skip ahead, please consider making a donation to Hand to Hold, a charity that provides support to parents of NICU babies. I like to run. While my frame doesn’t scream out the running type, I seemingly do pretty well at longer runs. I’m…