Monday. A shattered soap dispenser, another hand closed in a door, and a plant knocked off the mantle. Monday.

The Price of Twins

Yesterday,Β we celebrated the one-year anniversary of the twins coming home from the hospital (for the first time) and I received a response to my inquiry from the hospital billing department.

Even though everything has been finalized since April and we paid the last of the bills in June, they keep on sending us monthly statements noting that insurance is pending. I asked them the status, since they’re still sending us paper. Their response: “The account has not finalized and is currently pending with insurance for non-covered charges. Please allow time for processing.” Well, alright. ⌚️

While on the subject, I calculated the cost of all of this, assuming nothing new comes from the year-in-waiting statements. πŸ’ΈπŸ€‘

The bills include Vanessa’s prenatal, labor, delivery, and typical recovery stay of a couple of days; the delivery of the twins, their 11-day NICU stay, the NICU doctors, their follow-up emergency medical transport, ER screen (spent an hour in the ER between the ambulance and going to the patient room, that hospital stay, and the on-floor doctors. Since this was always a high-risk pregnancy, being a multiple birth, there were a solid number of ultrasounds.

Grand Totals

  • $306,643.36 billed to insurance ($99k per twin was the NICU itself).
  • $165,958.43 discounted through insurance agreements.
  • $132,904.00 paid by insurance.
  • $1,257.30 discounted directly to us by Setonβ€”the hospital network that included both hospitals used.
  • $6,523.90 paid by us out of pocket.

In contrast, when Catalina was born in 2011, the insurance I had then did not cover maternity care1. While they covered Catalina’s hospital, post-birth, it did not cover anything for Vanessa or anything for Catalina pre-birth. I mentally blocked out the actual number, but we paid about $14,000 out of pocket for that normal, non-medicated pregnancy.

  1. Now all health care plans include maternity, as far as I know, as a result of the ACA/Obamacare. 

Happy Birthday Twins

From last weekend, the Picture of the Week is Ana and Dorothy teaching us the proper way to eat a cupcake.

Twin girls eating cupcakes for their first birthday


Coffee is Nourishment β˜•οΈ

Coffee Room

One year ago at this time, we were on the 2nd floor of Seton Medical Center waiting for Ana and Dorothy to be born. This sign is outside of their “Nourishment” room, which had an empty fridge, an ice machine, and plenty of coffee. I defer to their determination that coffee is, in fact, nourishment.

This began our 11-day residency in Seton. To catch up, read the NICU posts on the Family blog.

Running Before Crawling

This is a story about marathons, babies, the NICU, and more. To skip ahead, please consider making a donation to Hand to Hold, a charity that provides support to parents of NICU babies.
The start of most of my training runs.

The start of most of my training runs.

I like to run. While my frame doesn’t scream out the running type, I seemingly do pretty well at longer runs. I’m too stubborn to stop. Before this season, I’ve ran two Austin Half-Marathons, one full marathon, and a fair number of < 10k events, plus the training for those events. I haven’t ran with any true purpose. I know I should exercise, but running, in and of itself, isn’t great for weight loss or strength building.


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