Ringing In 2019!

We’re ringing in 2019 at Dell Children’s Medical Center. Asthma sucks. Pneumonia sucks.

I never really realized how troublesome asthma can be. As a kid, it seemed like enough people had it that it was somewhat normal and I never saw an attack. So, it wasn’t really a bit deal.

For O, she’s actively under the care of two specialists, tried a half-dozen or more controllers, take four medications daily to control it, yet we still end up in situations where she needs rescue medicine at levels unsafe to administer at home and taking the professionals here 24 hours to get under control with doses 3x what we can give and a third of the time between them.

Anyhow, here’s to meeting our insurance deductible on January 1st! 🎉

2017 Half-Marathon

I ran in the 2017 Austin Half-Marathon last weekend. I hadn’t done a distance race since the 2015 Austin Half as the final race in the 2014-2015 Austin Distance Challenge’s Half-Marathon track. That year, I was training for a full marathon, but the twin’s early birth and NICU detoured me to the half track, which still included three half-marathons (including one I ran while living at the hospital).

This year’s run was warm and muggy and, frankly, I forgot about all of the hills during training. If the 13.1 miles were just around the neighborhood, I think it would have been a pretty fine race, but with the hills and weather, I wasn’t ready for it. Mile 8-9.5 were pretty darn painful.

But, Clif gave out free gel shots and Austin Beerworks gave out shots of beer at mile 13, so I had enough pushing me forward. My time was right within a minute of the other times I ran that race solo.

The finisher’s medal had a removable ribbon and doubles as a belt buckle. I can’t say I wear belt buckles often, but I definitely did to church that evening. 😁

I’m toying with the idea of starting a running blog (or category here) to track building up to 26.2 miles.