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  • Ringing In 2019!

    Ringing In 2019!

    We’re ringing in 2019 at Dell Children’s Medical Center. Asthma sucks. Pneumonia sucks. I never really realized how troublesome asthma can be. As a kid, it seemed like enough people had it that it was somewhat normal and I never saw an attack. So, it wasn’t really a bit deal. For O, she’s actively under…

  • 2017 Half-Marathon

    2017 Half-Marathon

    I ran in the 2017 Austin Half-Marathon last weekend. I hadn’t done a distance race since the 2015 Austin Half as the final race in the 2014-2015 Austin Distance Challenge’s Half-Marathon track. That year, I was training for a full marathon, but the twin’s early birth and NICU detoured me to the half track, which…

  • Reflecting Tower

    Reflecting Tower

    Photo taken at: UT Turtle Pond View in Instagram ⇒

  • Ya can’t swim here

    Ya can’t swim here

    I feel like there is a solid current events metaphor here. Or five or fifty. Just going to let you, fine reader, pick your own. Photo taken at: TownLake YMCA View in Instagram ⇒

  • Utah: Where corn dogs are that important

    Utah: Where corn dogs are that important

    Visiting a grocery store in Utah and realized I had no idea how important corn dogs are to the world.  

  • Not Necessarily To Go

    Not Necessarily To Go

    At least they give you options. Photo taken at: Once Over Coffee Bar View in Instagram ⇒