Sierra Nevada Mills River


Sierra Nevada’s new operations in Mill River, NC is a basilica of brewing. A must-visit if you’re anywhere near the area.

Last weekend, I was in Asheville, NC for the Beer Bloggers and Writers Conference. The weekend was a great time of talking shop, networking, developing skills, and tasting beer. A particular highlight of the weekend was visiting the Sierra Nevada brewery. It was incredible. Visit the 365 Brew post for details.
Sierra Nevada Mills River | 365 Brew

Sierra Nevada 4-Way IPA Pack: Round 1

After awhile, IPA after IPA after IPA, they all sort of blend together. Sure, some are smoother than others, but I was getting in a rut. I have a stack of IPAs I wanted to bring to the site, but I was hitting a wall writing about them larger than the IBUs. Sierra Nevada has a novel variety pack of four different IPAs. With four IPAs in one box, the only thing came to mind was which one was the most interesting?

Source: Sierra Nevada 4-Way IPA Pack: Round 1 | 365 Brew

Over on 365 Brew, I start a new short series on the Sierra Nevada 4-Way IPA Pack. The new few Fridays, we’ll hit a new battle between the IPAs and be prepared, the final round will bring a surprise.