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  • Kids Away

    Kids Away

    We’ve been “quarateaming” with Vanessa’s in-laws—where you “quarantine with a team”. We agreed to the same risk tolerance level (basically, no in-person contact outside the bubble except very quick passing interactions), so we can act normal all together. Vanessa and the kids went for an overnight at the in-laws place and I stayed back to…

  • Night Prayer

    Night Prayer

    Pray with the universal Church at home with kids using Night Prayer.

  • We Need A Name!

    We Need A Name!

    The Delwood Grasshoppers need a name for their new mascot!

  • We don't move on from grief

    I haven’t lost a spouse, but a dad when I was 12 and been touched by grief very recently. She’s hit the mark pretty well.

  • Next season

    I just realized that if all five of my baseball girls play next season, we would be spread across four teams. 12U, 10U, 8U, and two in 6U. That would be a lot of practices and games to juggle! Yikes.

  • Dad’s Birthday

    Dad’s Birthday

    Today, Dad would have been 76 years old, which is an odd thing to think about. Still young enough that, all in all, it would be normal for him to be living still, but old enough that I can’t imagine him actually being that age. Here is me with him at probably the last time…