We Need A Name!

The Delwood Grasshoppers, the tee-ball team that I coach, needs a mascot name! We’re rebranding to use our own mascot, instead of the Minor League Greenboro Grasshoppers logo, and I think it is time for our little grasshopper to be given a proper name.

Look at this little guy—isn’t he cute?

I’m pretty happy with the mascot work, in no small part because he is wearing one of our actual jerseys. Here are my tee-ballers from last season:

But, he doesn’t have a name! A mascot that cute really should be called something! What is your best Grasshopper name?

Posted by Brandon Kraft

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4 Replies to “We Need A Name!

  1. Del the Grasshopper


  2. Zachary Williams December 19, 2019 at 09:44

    So grasshopper in spanish is el saltamontes or el chapulin. You could go with Sal, Salty, or Chappy. 🙂


  3. How about Spencer? It rhymes with “grasshopper”, and is agender!

    I suppose Lucifer works too, but it’s less cute 🙂


  4. It has to be Cricket, obviously.


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