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  • Genesis eNews Extended 2.2
    Genesis eNews Extended 2.2.0 adds new classes to aim in custom theming.
  • A New Record
    I’m not going to resume my daily COVID posts that I did over the summer (at least not yet), but wanted to interrupt my non-programming to share that Texas hit a new record high number today. 10,865 new cases reported in the last 24 hours.
  • McCarrick
    The Vatican released today a report from the Secretariat of State on Theodore McCarrick, the sexual abuser and predator who rose the hierarchy’s ranks to became a Cardinal. I’ve only had a chance to skim it, so this isn’t a full summary except to say that some bishops didn’t share their full knowledge, some ignored […]
  • Dedication of the Archbasilica
    Today’s feast day in the Latin Church is the Dedication of St. John Lateran. It’s the only “archbasilica” in Christianity as the chief and highest-ranking church in the world—the Mother Church. Briefly, this area of Rome just inside the city walls was given to the Pope around the year 300 or so with a church […]
  • One Priest Can Make All The Difference
    Today is the birthday of Fr. Ivor Koch, who spent hours sitting outside of the funeral home with my mom after my dad died. We were lapsed Catholics and a family holding a lot of pain from church mistakes decades before. I was baptized, but we never went to church for the 11 years that […]
  • First Case at a Kid’s School
    One of my kiddo’s schools has their first positive COVID case within the building. They announced this via a letter to parents today. Stay safe, everyone. I hate this and hope we can overcome this soon.
  • Bars To Reopen Next Week
    Gov. Abbott has ordered that bars can reopen starting October 14th if the county judge opts-in and only in areas where the COVID hospitalization rate is under 15%. Here’s the current status of that: TSA Region Main City % Hospitalizationfor COVID, Oct 7 A Amarillo 15.8% B Lubbock 13.5% C Wichita Falls 4.3% D Abilene […]
  • My Official Statement on Pumpkin Spice Mac & Cheese
    Kraft has released a new flavor of Mac & Cheese (or Kraft Dinner for my Canadian friends)—Pumpkin Spice Mac and Cheese. Ignoring that I am finding it impossible to type “Pumpkin Spice Mac & Cheese” without having to delete “latte”, I wish to clarify my position on it. I’ve never tried it. I don’t plan […]
  • Mozilla Layoffs
    From the Mozilla Blog, they announced they are laying off more folks. They had a restructure at the start of the year and, sadly, more people gone now. I’ve always liked Mozilla. Their open-source credentials are strong, MDN is my source for web docs, and I feel like they’re trying to make the web a […]
  • COVID in Austin Update (July 28)
    Education (aka What The Hell, Texas?) To preface, a reminder that the Attorney General in Texas is a totally separate elected official from the Governor. Unlike on the Federal level, the AG does not serve the chief executive. Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton issued a non-binding letter regarding local heath authority’s abilities to close schools. […]