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  • Mozilla Layoffs
    From the Mozilla Blog, they announced they are laying off more folks. They had a restructure at the start of the year and, sadly, more people gone now. I’ve always liked Mozilla. Their open-source credentials are strong, MDN is my source for web docs, and I feel like they’re trying to make the web a […]
  • COVID in Austin Update (July 28)
    Education (aka What The Hell, Texas?) To preface, a reminder that the Attorney General in Texas is a totally separate elected official from the Governor. Unlike on the Federal level, the AG does not serve the chief executive. Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton issued a non-binding letter regarding local heath authority’s abilities to close schools. […]
  • COVID in Austin Update (July 27)
    After going nearly 40 days with daily updates, I’ve been a little lax. A combination of having a recuperating wife at home and news is a bit light on the weekends. This is going to be here awhile. Governor Abbott issued two orders today that helps underscores that he’s expecting the virus to remain an […]
  • COVID in Austin Update (July 24)
    Sorry for missing yesterday! My wife had an urgent surgery yesterday—they waited until the next day to do the surgery, so I guess “emergency” isn’t the right term? I’m going to reverse order and start with the numbers today. Travis County (Austin) I want to start on a solemn note. Today, we had 12 deaths, […]
  • 1,000,000 Blocked Attempts
    Today, my site hit a milestone. Jetpack Protect has blocked 1,000,000 malicious login attempts. Typically, when using the wrong user name and password on the site, those credentials are sent to the site itself and you’ll see the site’s response that it was a bad password. Since a bunch of bots could try every combination, […]
  • COVID in Austin Update (July 22)
    Schooling, Athletics, and no more evictions.
  • Not Really A COVID in Austin Update (July 21)
    This isn’t really my normal update. Someone in the family is under the weather and the doctor’s appointment turned into a long ER visit. Everything is fine now and nothing COVID related, but it’s past 10 pm and I haven’t had dinner. Forgive me! Quickly, though, in passing, UIL announced guidelines for fall sports in […]
  • COVID in Austin Update (July 20)
    Maybe we’re flattening the curve?
  • COVID in Austin Update (July 19)
    Military medical personnel deployed to South Texas and the Austin Convention Center field hospital should be ready tomorrow.
  • COVID in Austin Update (July 18)
    New study shows 10-19 year olds spread it as well as adults.