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  • Team Lead

    Team Lead

    “Team leads! When I call your team name, report where your team will meet. Downing!” “By the ping-pong tables.” “Haymarket!” “Upstairs” “Oxford!” “… … …” Automattic, the company behind, is a distributed company. We all work everywhere. While there’s an “office”, we call it a lounge. It’s more of a home than a place to work. […]

  • Meetup Opening

  • WordPress Bag

    WordPress Bag

    One perk of working for Automattic is a WordPress-branded Timbuk2 bag.

  • Automattically Kraft

    Automattically Kraft

    I’m proud to announce that, as of today, I am now working full-time for Automattic, the makers of, the Jetpack plugin for sites, Akismet, Gravatar, and more, as well as a major contributor to the self-hosted software and related open-source projects. I can’t begin to express my excitement about joining the team […]

  • Why I Show Pictures Of My Kids

    Why I Show Pictures Of My Kids

    Have you ever prepared a post on a topic, then in the time between you wrote it and had it scheduled to publish, an authority in your world published a post on almost the same topic and do it better than you? That was me with this post. I wrote this originally on May 23rd […]