The History of 51st and I-35

Texas is planning on installing their first modern roundabout on an Interstate frontage road near me, at 51st and I-35. Just east of the intersection is my development, the old Austin airport, that will at full build houseĀ ~10,000 people and employ ~10,000 people. The development includes big box retail, the area’s children’s hospital, medical research campus, “town center” walkable commercial, etc.

Per TxDOT, the traffic load for the intersection being rebuilt is projected to increase so much by 2020 that they would need to build a triple left-turn lane to keep it flowing under the traditional model. Instead, the propose adding an Interstate bypass lane for frontage road traffic not needing 51st St access and a roundabout that looks pretty intelligent at first look.

This intersection, though, has seen a lot of changes over the year, mostly negatively impacting the intersection. Read More