Tom Herman named Texas Head Football Coach

A Texas Ex with deep ties to the state of Texas, including the last two seasons as head coach at the University of Houston, Tom Herman becomes the 30th head coach at Texas.

Source: Tom Herman named Texas Head Football Coach

A whirlwind day on the 40 Acres. Sun rose with Strong still Head Coach, though noone expected him to last the day and sets with Tom Herman, a former assistant under Mack Brown, in the big chair.

Future Hall of Famers

This week’s Picture of the Week is of Teresa trying on football shoulder pads.

T Wearing Shoulder PadsThe Bob Bullock Texas State History Museum had a special exhibit from the NFL Pro Football museum. The museum does a good job of trying to balance having things that both adults and children would enjoy.

In particular, they had a couple pairs of shoulder pads for the kiddos to try on.

Texas Fight!

We all went to the annual Orange and White gameβ€”the annual internal scrimmage. It is a free event, so, as a family of five and normal game tickets costing ~$60-75/each, it is the closest thing to a UT football game we’re going to go to in a while.