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  • I Am A Core Contributor

    I Am A Core Contributor

    Impostor syndrome. It’s a bitch. If you’re not familiar, impostor syndrome is used freely as the in-vogue way of describing the feeling that you’re an impostor. Somehow, someone made a mistake when they hired you, picked you to lead a project, promoted you, describe you as an “expert” or something else like that. If they really…

  • Press This Extended!

    Press This Extended!

    Introducing the Press This Extended plugin to open up a whole new world of options to Press This in WordPress 4.2.

  • Why Not Open Source?

    Why Not Open Source?

    In the WordPress world, a recent piece of news is WordPress founder Matt Mullenweg cancelling his $10,000 Kickstarter pledge for Pressgram, an Instagram-style iOS app that would allow you to save your photos to a WordPress blog (that you own and control) instead of a third-party service that you don’t. Matt cancelled his pledge because…

  • I’ve Made WordPress Better (And You Can Too!)

    I did it. WordPress, as many of you know, is an open-source project. The WordPress community maintains it. Anyone can report a bug directly into the development tracking tool (Trac), anyone can submit a patch. It’s great. I’ve been wanting to contribute to core (as the “core” WordPress software is known, as opposed to plugins,…

  • And We’re Live!

    This weekend, I migrated this site from Nexcess (on a reseller account that I own) to WP Engine. First, I still love Nexcess. They have served—and continue to serve—me extremely well. I’ve been with Nexcess since 2006 with zero problems, issues or complaints. I’m maintaining my account with them. They’re still hosting everything not at…