Velveeta Shortage Ended

First, I must thank all of the kind strangers who have contacted me over the course of the day. Your concern for my ability to make queso in the coming weeks was touching.

If you’re unaware, it was announced that I was running low on Velveeta. After receiving the initial reports on Twitter, my Rapid Response Team took immediate action to confirm the reports. After a thorough investigation that involved multiple locations in the kitchen and the laundry room—in the event of a misplaced box in the freezer—it was confirmed there was an absolute shortage of Velveeta on the premises.

I deployed my specially-trained Velveeta Acquisition Squad to the HEB grocery store. This team practices daily on the art and skill of rapid Velveeta purchase. Thanks to the kind assistance of the managers and crew, we were relieved to find this:

photocredit: Blake.

photocredit: Blake.

The Squad purchased sufficient supplies for the next few months and returned to the house.

With that, I am happy to report that the Velveeta shortage has been resolved. Queso will be free-flowing at La Casa de Kraft during the award and Super Bowl season.

Box of 1950s Velveeta cheese

Exclusive picture of the SCR kept behind the Christmas plates in the cupboard over the fridge. photocredit: RSP.

While grateful the situation is resolved, it should be noted that the SCR (Strategic Cheese Reserve) exists and could be tapped during such a national emergency. While there is only one cheese superpower remaining, the SCR is always available and ready for use.

Lastly, in the event of a true emergency, I am prepared to share with you the recipe for the successor to Velveeta, as developed by @IAmSpilly:

Disclaimer: Obviously, this is a spoof. It’s sarcasm. It is a poor attempt at being witty. If you’re still confused on what’s going on, I’m a random guy who is making fun that people reference me on Twitter for the food company. I’m not the food company. Got nothing to do with them. They make great food. I eat it. I eat too much of it. Featured image photocredit SouthernFairyTale.

Trying New Things

Jelly. Photocredit: smuckers.comToday, Paul and I were talking to Emily at the University Catholic Center. Apparently, she cuts her jelly prior to spreading it on a sandwich.
Personally, I had never heard of such a thing. Nor had Paul. Then again, Paul has yet to experience the wonder and awe that is a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. I digress.

Has anyone else heard of this? Does anyone else cut the jelly? Emily defends the act by pointing out that it eases the spreading process. Yet, peanut btter does not get cut.

Let me know. I am really interested in finding out how many people do this.