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  • 2017 Half-Marathon

    2017 Half-Marathon

    I ran in the 2017 Austin Half-Marathon last weekend. I hadn’t done a distance race since the 2015 Austin Half as the final race in the 2014-2015 Austin Distance Challenge’s Half-Marathon track. That year, I was training for a full marathon, but the twin’s early birth and NICU detoured me to the half track, which…

  • Reflecting Tower

    Reflecting Tower

    Photo taken at: UT Turtle Pond View in Instagram ⇒

  • Ya can’t swim here

    Ya can’t swim here

    I feel like there is a solid current events metaphor here. Or five or fifty. Just going to let you, fine reader, pick your own. Photo taken at: TownLake YMCA View in Instagram ⇒

  • Utah: Where corn dogs are that important

    Utah: Where corn dogs are that important

    Visiting a grocery store in Utah and realized I had no idea how important corn dogs are to the world.  

  • Not Necessarily To Go

    Not Necessarily To Go

    At least they give you options. Photo taken at: Once Over Coffee Bar View in Instagram ⇒

  • Remembering Those That Came Before

    Remembering Those That Came Before

    Olivia’s 2nd grade class has a prayer “graffiti” wall where they can write names of those they want to pray for. Many are parents and such. Olivia wrote my dad’s name. Her grandfather who died 12 years before she was born. I don’t feel like I bring him up that often, but she gets that it…