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  • Drive Like You’re Invisible

    I drive a white 10-passenger Ford Transit. It’s a decent size. This morning, someone stopped and proceeded through the intersection (where I had no stop sign) right in front of me. Standing on the brake and laying on the horn, I’m not sure how I didn’t hit him, but stopped just short. I’m in a…

  • Citizen Pulls Over Texas State Trooper For Speeding

    While I don’t suggest trying this at home (or while driving), wow. The trooper seemed as nervous as I do when I’ve been pulled over. He loses points for seemingly trying to not identify himself initially but was overall polite. My experiences with Texas State Troopers, which have been more times that I care to…

  • Don’t Text and Walk

  • The History of 51st and I-35

    Texas is planning on installing their first modern roundabout on an Interstate frontage road near me, at 51st and I-35. Just east of the intersection is my development, the old Austin airport, that will at full build house ~10,000 people and employ ~10,000 people. The development includes big box retail, the area’s children’s hospital, medical research…

  • Delta Earned Points Today

    Delta Earned Points Today

    Delta’s latest safety video made it jump up quite a bit in my list of airlines I tolerate. Southwest has been known for having fun safety briefings, but Delta is bring game.

  • Vintage Subway