Random Musings by Kraft

  • transition, time travel and virginity

    The semester is almost to an end already. For me, as of this writing, I have one lecture and one discussion left. After that, two finals and the Fall 2002 semester will be no more. There will only be one more semester of Random Musings from M0232- after that, I won’t be living in M0232 […]

  • the pope and the rosary

    Once again, it is my time to update this once again. My apologies for The View from 232 being offline so long. The camera got knocked off the window sill and I just never got around to at least pointing it outside until just now. Also, I do realize that most of the links to […]

  • the first one

    Welcome everyone to my ever-improving personal website devoted to whatever I feel the need to rant and rave about. With time, I’m hoping that this becomes a site where I at least can get something out of it. For the rest of you, well, its my personal site with the keywords being my personal site. […]