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  • Scala Santa ⛪️

    Scala Santa ⛪️

    For the first time in 300 years, the wood covering the steps that Jesus climbed to be condemned by Pilate was removed and I was there.

  • Man’s Greatness

    The wise man must not boast of his wisdom, nor of the strong man of his strength, nor the rich man of his riches. What then is the right kind of boasting? What is the source of man’s greatness? Scripture says: The man who boasts must bost of this, that he knows and understand that…

  • Happy Annunciation!

    Happy Annunciation!

    Why is the Solemnity of the Annunciation celebrated 15 days late this year?

  • Congrats Bishop-Elect Danny Garcia! – Austin CNM

    Fr. Danny Garcia, the vicar general of the Diocese of Austin and the former longtime pastor of St. Vincent de Paul Parish in north Austin has been named by Pope Francis as the first auxiliary bishop of Austin! Source: Congrats Bishop-Elect Danny Garcia! – Austin CNM

  • Awaiting Her Decision

    Awaiting Her Decision

    The Catholic Christian tradition holds that Jesus was born to a normal woman, Mary, who was a virgin, using the traditional definition of the term. God, being born into the world by a woman, wasn’t forced upon Mary, but only occurred after she gave her consent.