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I’m a Code Wrangler

This is old news at this point, but I realized I never mentioned it here. A few months back, I shifted from a Happiness Lead to a developer.

I’m excited about the move and especially that I’m able to continue to work on Jetpack. I’ve always worked with the code powering Jetpack, but usually minor things that I discovered through working directly with our customers.

My goal isn’t to create some sweeping new feature, but to make steady, solid improvements to Jetpack. Small fixes that improve what real people are seeing with the project are beautiful things.

Of course, my tinkering is on hold a bit while on paternity leave and being on the sidelines while WordPress 5.0 ships isn’t easy! There is so much to learn, explore, and create in the space with the Block Editor, but I’ll be slinging code again soon!

Daddy's Corner

Parental Review

Friday was Catalina’s first birthday! In our household, you’re a baby until your 1st birthday, then a “little toddler” until your 2nd birthday, then a “big toddler”. Olivia is excited¬†about Catalina becoming a little toddler.

A Cake with Happy Birthday Candles
photocredit: flickr/spool32

Last night, I asked Olivia what was the best part of Catalina becoming a little toddler. She replied “I teach her things.” What things? “How to get up and walk around!” I guess she’s been saving that up until she felt Catalina was worthy of such an honor as walking.