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  • Dad’s Birthday

    Dad’s Birthday

    Today, Dad would have been 76 years old, which is an odd thing to think about. Still young enough that, all in all, it would be normal for him to be living still, but old enough that I can’t imagine him actually being that age. Here is me with him at probably the last time […]

  • 20 Years

    20 Years

    I’ve struggled with what to write to mark 20 years since my dad died. It’s probably the most common regular topic I’ve written about over the years. Earlier this month, a very close friend lost his mother. A few days ago, I talked heart-to-heart with another friend who lost his father earlier in the year. […]

  • Ed Kraft, 1954-2016

    My uncle died yesterday. He was 62 years old. I must admit learning of his passing yesterday morning, I cried for the first time I can remember. True, actual sobbing. I’m sure it was ugly. I didn’t cry when my dad died—a random tear here or there during the immediate events and cry some more recently […]

  • At the end of the day…

    It has been 18 years now and at the end of the day, I still just miss my dad.

  • Stephen Colbert and Facing Death

    Stephen Colbert and Facing Death

    Not too long ago, GQ published a fantastic article on Stephen Colbert as he prepares to take the reigns of The Late Show from the 23-year veteran David Letterman. I like Colbert. From everything I’ve heard of him, he’s a man who is simply solid. A man of faith, of family, of generally trying to […]

  • On This Day, 15 Years Ago

    15 years. For those who only know me from the interwebs and only care about either freelancing or web development, indulge me today. If you’d rather not read a personal story, feel free to move along. The next post will be on message, I promise. You can delete the e-mail now. No hard feelings. 15 years ago […]