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  • Kraft.im in Full HHVM Glory

    Kraft.im in Full HHVM Glory

    I thought migrating from PHP-FPM to HHVM would be a hell of a process. I was wrong.

  • I am Kraft — Kraft.im

    I am Kraft — Kraft.im

    BrandonKraft.com: The Next Generation is now Kraft.im. Nginx, Redis, multinetwork—oh my!

  • And We’re Live!

    This weekend, I migrated this site from Nexcess (on a reseller account that I own) to WP Engine. First, I still love Nexcess. They have served—and continue to serve—me extremely well. I’ve been with Nexcess since 2006 with zero problems, issues or complaints. I’m maintaining my account with them. They’re still hosting everything not at…