in Full HHVM Glory

If having a multi-network multi-site wasn’t enough of an edge case, I sidestepped over from PHP-FPM to HHVM. The former is used with NGINX to actually process the PHP code of a given site. HHVM is Facebook’s driven effort to the next generation of PHP in terms of performance. The goal is parity with PHP 5, but, in short, done better to make it faster.

You can read more about HHVM at their official site.

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I am Kraft — ran on WP Engine. It had been for years now after being given a lifetime free developer account by a small little hosting upstart in Austin.

All in all, I haven’t had any problems with them. I noticed changes as the mainstays of the company that I knew—Trafton and Austin, for example—left to do other things, the rebranding away from “engine” fast car idea to the current one. Support has changed, slipped perhaps, but I’m not a normal character and my requests aren’t typical, so I’m willing to forgive.

In any event, time for something new. The big push was SSL. A friend had a cert available he wasn’t going to use, so I was going to give SSL a spin. At the time, WP Engine didn’t allow SSL on the comped plan, so the wheels started in motion. The engine started…
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And We’re Live!

This weekend, I migrated this site from Nexcess (on a reseller account that I own) to WP Engine. First, I still love Nexcess. They have served—and continue to serve—me extremely well. I’ve been with Nexcess since 2006 with zero problems, issues or complaints. I’m maintaining my account with them. They’re still hosting everything not at for me and are still hosting my client sites. I’ll write a review of my great experience with Nexcess later—this isn’t a comparison, except the speed test.

photocredit: flickr/brunogirin

WP Engine made me an offer to try them out and I’ve heard too many good things to not explore an Austin company dedicated to hosting sites built upon the same content management system that I primarily work with now. Read More