miss, are you 21?

Last night, Vanessa, Phil and I went to Fiddler’s Pub- a very Irish pub in central South Bend. Vanessa is the minor of the group with a month until her 21st birthday. We all go in after being carded and find a table. She drinks a Diet Coke while the guys purchase nice Irish beer.
Vanessa asks if she can pick out my second beer. Honestly, I don’t know much about the Irish and their beers. She picks out some Guinness variation I hadn’t heard of. Apparently, Guinness has another beer out there?
The beer arrives and I taste it. It’s different and not what I expected. She reads the label and discovers that it is non-alcoholic. After a few laughs, she takes it and I order something else.
A half-hour later, the bouncer comes up to our table and asks Vanessa, “Miss, are you 21?”. She responds with the negative and he informs her that she can’t have that. “Oh, it’s okay. It’s non-alcoholic.” No alcohol or not, she couldn’t have it. The bouncer took the non-alcoholic beer away. Vanessa is shamed forevermore.






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