MLB Attendance Dropping? 💸⚾️

The Wall Street Journal reported on information out of the Owners Meeting that attendance at MLB games dropped 6.6% over last year.

I’ve been spoiled through the Round Rock Express and Texas Baseball. The cheapest seats for a Texas Rangers game is $17 for a random game I looked up high up in the outfield. For the Astros, $20 for the edge of the outfield.

At the Dell Diamond for an Express game I’m taking the family to next week, we bought seats 18 rows back for $12 a pop. I think the outfield lawn is $7.

We looked at tickets for an Astros game when heading to Houston later this summer, but our family is too big to justify that total cost for those seats. 🤷‍♂️

Racking Wit

I racked tonight my Cranberry Dark Wit for Airport. Looking good and hitting the estimated gravity. Only need to place odds on if I’ll get lucky enough for a cold spell in February when it’ll be ready for drinking.

In brewing, racking is the process of moving the beer from a primary to a secondary fermenter. The additional time during the conditioning phase will clarify the beer and provide an overall better product. It’s known as secondary fermentation in homebrewing circles, but the fermentation has pretty much happened—the final gravity has been taken—but the yeast will still reabsorb a bit to clean the beer up a bit. After a couple of weeks, we’ll add a little priming sugar, which will start a smaller fermentation process to carbonate the beer, and get it in the bottle.

When Civilians Accuse Troops Of Rape, Military Courts Often Decide

Hundreds of times a year, civilians accuse military personnel of sexual assault. The cases can wind up in the military justice system, where many victims say they are at a big disadvantage.

Source: When Civilians Accuse Troops Of Rape, Military Courts Often Decide

This story is incredible for more than a few reasons: that 16 is the absolute age of consent in the UCMJ, the lack of assistance to civilian victims, victim therapists being compelled to explain their confidential notes.

The Glory Days of American Football

The most popular sport in the US is savage, creative, brutal & balletic. Love it or loathe it, it’s a touchstone of the American identity.

Source: American Football

Radiolab, a radio show distributed by NPR, had a very interesting episode on football. The first half discussed the history of the game, particularly the roots in post-Civil War men needing to display masculinity, how the forced assimilation of Native Americans influenced the game, and how Pop Warner’s trickery is responsible for half of the rulebook.

As a football fan, this tackled football in a manner completely new to me. It is worth the listen, especially the first half.