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  • MLB Attendance Dropping? 💸⚾️

    The Wall Street Journal reported on information out of the Owners Meeting that attendance at MLB games dropped 6.6% over last year. I’ve been spoiled through the Round Rock Express and Texas Baseball. The cheapest seats for a Texas Rangers game is $17 for a random game I looked up high up in the outfield. […]

  • Racking Wit

    I racked tonight my Cranberry Dark Wit for Airport. Looking good and hitting the estimated gravity. Only need to place odds on if I’ll get lucky enough for a cold spell in February when it’ll be ready for drinking. In brewing, racking is the process of moving the beer from a primary to a secondary […]

  • When Civilians Accuse Troops Of Rape, Military Courts Often Decide

    Hundreds of times a year, civilians accuse military personnel of sexual assault. The cases can wind up in the military justice system, where many victims say they are at a big disadvantage. Source: When Civilians Accuse Troops Of Rape, Military Courts Often Decide This story is incredible for more than a few reasons: that 16 […]

  • Rocky Beach

    Rocky Beach

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  • The Glory Days of American Football

    The most popular sport in the US is savage, creative, brutal & balletic. Love it or loathe it, it’s a touchstone of the American identity. Source: American Football Radiolab, a radio show distributed by NPR, had a very interesting episode on football. The first half discussed the history of the game, particularly the roots in […]