sts 321 – another class, another blog

I’m now enrolled in STS 321: Intro to Science, Technology and Society. This is the fourth STS class I’ve taken [311, 331 (Wireless Revolutions) and 331 (Multimedia Writing-W)] and so I’m not all that worried about it. The course outline appears to be interesting and overall is looking at topics I haven’t studied much if at all.
One of the other aspects of this course is the requirement of having a blog. When I took STS 311, I was required on using a Blogger backend with pages stored on the UT’s iSchool’s Echo server. Now, I have a bit more freedom but instead of creating a whole new blog, I am considering just using a category of this one. We’ll see if the prof would find such things acceptable.
Hopefully having this blog serve for the course, it will give me an excuse to make some much needed visual and backend improvements on it. I started working on the “Reading” list awhile ago, switching it to MediaManager from handwritten template editing but I never actually fully made the switch.
In either class, a mound of homework is next to me and this blog, so far, is not it.
Feel free to visit the class website at .






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