diocese of austin and development as a ministry

For my service hours in PA 325, I have opted to volunteer for the Diocese of Austin’s Capital Campaign: Our Faith Our Legacy. I will post limited details as the campaign is still in the quiet phase preparing for a more formal kickoff. In reference to the previous post on the matter, I think logistically this will allow me to meet the 35-hour goal without too much stress.
We also have a paper coming up and my topic will be related. If I can line up sources, I hope to look into the role of development in Catholic ministries. My parish at home did not have a development office nor anything really like it but now I’m working with the University Catholic Center on their development goals and about to volunteer for a capital campaign. How does the rise of this ministry impact the overall fabric of Catholic life? How does this impact day-to-day operations? Does it help increase volunteer interaction or decreases it? Has this been well-received as a “ministry” or seen a “business operation”.
I will submit that topic on Tuesday and then start preparing sources.






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