New York, New York

May 16-22, 2006, I will be in New York City attending the Paulist Fathers Pre-Assembly and Ordinations. The Paulist Fathers, the religious order that the Diocese entrusts with campus ministry at The University of Texas at Austin, has an “assembly” every four years where priest-delegates determine the direction of the order for the following four years. Prior to this assembly, they hold a “pre-assembly” where every Paulist, and recently, a lay delegate from each foundation is invited to share their thoughts and ideas so the priest-delegates will have a more informed idea of the thought of the Order prior to getting together.

For the University Catholic Center, I am being sent. As both a student and a staff member, I am unique in my position and able to see directly the results that come from the ministry the Paulists have engaged in over the past 98 years and am charged with helping it continue, strengthen and grow.

Over the next few weeks, I plan on inviting other student feedback regarding the Paulist Fathers and how to implement their Mission Directive Statement (MDS).

As part of my trip to NYC, I will attend the 2006 Paulist Ordinations. I don’t know anyone who is being ordained, but I’ve also never been to an ordination. More to come…






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