vatican has something to say about LC’s founder

In today’s Vatican Information Service bulletin, a communique concerning the founder of the Legionaries of Christ was released. Previously, accusations of crimes against him was filed with the Congregation for the Doctrine and of the Faith in the late 1990s. Fr. Marcial, LC, denied the accusations and expressed his displeasure with them.
The case was under investigation by Joseph Card. Ratzinger during his time as prefect of the CDF. Meanwhile, Servant of God Pope John Paul II died and Ratzinger was given a new job.
Now, William Cardinal Levada as prefect of the CDF, after reviewing all of the material in question and due to reasons of Fr. Marcial’s advanced age, has opted to forego the canoncial hearing and invited Fr. Marcial to a “reserved life of penitence and prayer, relinquishing any form of public ministry”. Pope Benedict XVI approved the decision.
Now, I’m awaiting a response from the Legionaries.






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    so they did respond

    The Legionaries of Christ responded to the communique that was released by the Vatican today. I am not aware of the facts of the case at hand, but the response seems a bit too martyrish for me. I’ll let you…

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