daniel cardinal dinardo, archbishop of galveston-houston

His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI announced today that, along with 23 other bishops, Archbishop Daniel DiNardo will be elevated to the rank of Cardinal at a ceremony on November 24th, the eve of Christ the King.
His Soon-to-be-Eminence will be the first Texan cardinal and the first one for the Southern U.S.
On January 1, I was in Houston visiting the Casa Juan Diego Catholic Worker house when we went to Mass for the normally-obligatory solemnity at Houston’s Sacred Heart Co-Cathedral celebrated by Archbishop DiNardo. Following the Mass, I was in a minivan with two Catholic Workers and the two founders of Casa Juan Diego. Mark, one of the founders, waved to the Archbishop as he was getting into his car a few spaces away from us. Archbishop DiNardo came over to our car, crawled into the back seat and shook everyone’s hand in the car.
After a short conversation, he left on his way…left on his way to be one of the newest members of one of the most exclusive clubs on earth.
Cardinal-Designate DiNardo will be at the University Catholic Center on November 1, 2008 as part of the UCC’s 100th Anniversary of Catholic Campus Ministry at UT celebration. More details later, but short of the Pope calling him to Rome (which could happen), he’ll celebrate with us.
Congrats to Daniel Cardinal DiNardo, Archbishop of Galveston-Houston!





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