Coffee Bar

Coffee Bar
Image by Shannon Clark via Flickr

Last night, I was sitting in bed thinking and the idea of having a coffee bar came to me. This would be a coffee shop that would serve coffee, breakfast snacks, etc like every other coffee shop we’ve ever seen. All of the usual perks would be there–tables to work at, free WiFi, funky lighting.

But, what would make this place different is alcohol. It would serve beer, wine, and cocktails. Going out with friends and some can get a good coffee drink and others a beer.

I think there are a couple of places downtown that do this, but they’re too trendy. Hard to find a table, loud–looking more to be the hot spot than a good spot.

Of course, I’m thinking I am on to something when I drive by Cherrywood Coffeehouse on 38 1/2 St. in Austin. I was on my way to an appointment, so I took note of it (as a coffeeshop I haven’t visited that is somewhat near my home) and moved on.

As I type, I found myself with a few extra moments and decided to stop by. I walk in and it’s exactly what I thought up last night. A coffee shop with the usual perks of a good coffee shop with a bar. Looks like they have maybe 8-10 beers on tap and a selection of wine. It doesn’t appear they serve cocktails, but two out of three ain’t bad.

I haven’t tried the food, but the house coffee is good. Looks like it could use a couple of more seats near outlets, but I haven’t explored the entire place yet.

I’ll be visiting this place more in the future I do believe.

Of course, as I type this, I have a blogging assistant that pulls up recent stories/article from around the web that may be on the same topic. Apparently, Starbucks is doing this same thing






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