Lent 2011 #2

Well, alright. Last time I went into some of my Lenten challenges. The biggest lesson I learned: you must discuss your Lenten ideas with your wife.

V and I did. Sorta. We discussed what we were thinking of doing, but we didn’t have a definitive “this is what we’re doing” talk. I didn’t plan on going vegan or give up red meat for Lent–those things would impact the house if our dinner menu has to change for 40 days–so I didn’t think much about it.

I gave up snacks. V gave up snacks that she didn’t make herself.

I didn’t think the difference would mean that much, but oh man. Instead of avoiding buying cookies or snacks, now she’s baked two batches of cookies since Lent started. The first batch, we were out of eggs, so she made some not-as-great-as-I’ve-had-before cookies. No biggie. I snuck some…

But, the second batch. Whoa. Now, these were cookies. I don’t even want to know what she calls them so I can’t ask for them in the future. They’re that good. They’re the type of cookies that you take a bite, slap yourself and try another to make sure your taste buds weren’t hijacked.

So needless to say, I fell off the wagon on that item.






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