No more coffee in flight?

They may not tell you, but there are a few things flight attendants would never drink in the air.

Source: Why you should think twice before ordering coffee or tea on a plane

Per the article, airplane tap water is really gross so don’t drink the coffee. Do I chance it as the airport-kiosk-coffee lobby pushing us to buy their cups or this legit?







6 responses to “No more coffee in flight?

  1. sabjop Avatar

    My father-in-law is an American Airlines pilot and he definitely gave me that same advice when I first flew because he knows I’m a coffee addict.

  2. James Huff Avatar

    In short, water for coffee/tea comes from the tap, and planes routinely fail water safety tests (hence the no drinking sign in the lav).

  3. Charleen Mullenweg Avatar

    But wait – you have to boil the water to make coffee or tea. Doesn’t that kill the critters? And where is the ice from. Oh this is awful…

    1. Brandon Kraft Avatar

      I don\’t know! I don\’t know!

      1. Charleen Mullenweg Avatar

        You broke me!!!! I have to fly Sunday!!!!!

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