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For the record…

Almost a month exactly is how long I can be on the road with six kids before I hit the wall.


Big Dairy is trying to get teens hooked on lattes to boost milk sales

Dairy groups hope young latte drinkers can help reverse decades of slumping milk sales.

Source: Big Dairy is trying to get teens hooked on lattes to boost milk sales

This is pretty amazing. As someone who opts for coconut milk for lattes, this makes me laugh. I’d drink more cow milk if it didn’t make me feel absolutely crummy after drinking it.


West Virginia Troubles: Details about +Bransfield

In the years before he was removed from ministry for alleged sexual harassment and financial abuses, Bishop Michael Bransfield was reimbursed by the church for cash gifts he gave to fellow clergymen, records show.

Source: W.Va. bishop gave powerful cardinals and other priests $350,000 in cash gifts before his ouster, church records show

This story outlines a pretty amazing (in the worst way) failure of a bishop, his staff, and the diocesan boards. While he spent a large sum of money, I am glad that it wasn’t more and I’m glad that the diocese had random income-producing property to fund it. Any financial abuse in the non-profit sector is horrible and criminal, but I’m glad people in this incredibly poor region of the country didn’t donate that money he spent in such reckless ways.

The sexual abuse scandal is definitely the highest priority to resolve, but in my lifetime, financial abuse and mismanagement will be the next.

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I Don’t Think I’m Going To Go Anymore

Except, I do like my job. I’m just not going to go back for awhile.

I’ve been really lucky to work at a place that wants employees to be well-rounded people. Between reasonable work goals and unlimited vacation time (still got to get the work done), I’ve been able to be do good work without overworking.

But, there’s more to life than regular vacations. They offer some great paternity leave options and every five years, a three-month sabbatical to really unplug and recharge.

I’ve been at Automattic for nearly six years now, so time to take some time. I’m about to log out and I think I’m not going to go back to work. Well, not until September at least.

Have a wonderful summer! Details soon…


The older…

The older I get, the more I appreciate a good pair of socks.

I love the minor leagues