Author: Brandon Kraft

  • Statement on SB 8

    The 87th Legislature passed Senate Bill 8, the so-called “Texas Heartbeat Act”. I find myself in a torn state regarding this bill. First, I sincerely believe in the sacredness of the whole human life—the “whole life movement” is a fair bucket that I fit into. On that front, reducing abortion is a good thing. Second, […]

  • Happy Birthday, O!

    Happy Birthday, O!

    My eldest turns 12 years old today. I don’t feel like I’m old enough to be married almost 13 years with a 12-year-old, but here we are. As she continues her path toward more independence, I find new joys in parenthood. As much fun as having my two-year-old wanting to play “tackle Daddy” for an […]

  • Juneteenth


    Juneteenth allows us to more fully celebrate the Fourth of July.

  • Austin Downtown Shooting

    Can we learn what happened this morning before using the shooting as political fodder?

  • WordPress Adds Emoji 13.1 Support

    WordPress Adds Emoji 13.1 Support

    WordPress 5.8 will add Emoji 13.1 support.

  • Automatic Updates in WordPress

    Automatic Updates in WordPress

    What are automatic updates in WordPress even? Forced updates? What about the UI? Here’s a full explainer.