All The Water

Today is the first day all eight of us showered or bathed in the same day.

Unrelated, the City of Austin saw a spike in water usage and declared a water emergency. 🤣

I’m a Code Wrangler

This is old news at this point, but I realized I never mentioned it here. A few months back, I shifted from a Happiness Lead to a developer.

I’m excited about the move and especially that I’m able to continue to work on Jetpack. I’ve always worked with the code powering Jetpack, but usually minor things that I discovered through working directly with our customers.

My goal isn’t to create some sweeping new feature, but to make steady, solid improvements to Jetpack. Small fixes that improve what real people are seeing with the project are beautiful things.

Of course, my tinkering is on hold a bit while on paternity leave and being on the sidelines while WordPress 5.0 ships isn’t easy! There is so much to learn, explore, and create in the space with the Block Editor, but I’ll be slinging code again soon!

10 Years!

Ten years ago, Vanessa and I walked down the aisle and became husband and wife. Starting from a little condo on South Congress, we’ve seen eight-ish jobs, six-ish kids, five cars, and one house. We’ve grown together, challenged each other, and supported each other. When we married, I didn’t know how I could love someone more than I loved her that day, but somehow, it doesn’t even compare to my love for her now.

She doesn’t read my site, so I’m not going to gush anymore here. But, sorry ladies, I’m still very happily married.

MLB Attendance Dropping? 💸⚾️

The Wall Street Journal reported on information out of the Owners Meeting that attendance at MLB games dropped 6.6% over last year.

I’ve been spoiled through the Round Rock Express and Texas Baseball. The cheapest seats for a Texas Rangers game is $17 for a random game I looked up high up in the outfield. For the Astros, $20 for the edge of the outfield.

At the Dell Diamond for an Express game I’m taking the family to next week, we bought seats 18 rows back for $12 a pop. I think the outfield lawn is $7.

We looked at tickets for an Astros game when heading to Houston later this summer, but our family is too big to justify that total cost for those seats. 🤷‍♂️

Google’s AI Will Call Places For You

This video from Google I/O today is mind-blowing. In it, Google shows off an in-development feature where Google Assistant will call some places to interact with someone on your behalf.

“Google, please make me an appointment for a haircut on Tuesday.” Ideally, I would expect Google to interact with an API that ties into the salon’s scheduling platform but so many places do not have that. In that case, Google could call and naturally interact with someone to place the appointment.

Watching this in action—I’m just amazed.