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  • The older…

    The older I get, the more I appreciate a good pair of socks.

  • I love the minor leagues

    The Round Rock Express and San Antonio Missions award a traffic cone trophy for the team winning the I-35 Rivalry. So funny.

  • Binge Watch Your Kids

    30° 16.493 N -97° 45.883 W

  • Man’s Greatness

    The wise man must not boast of his wisdom, nor of the strong man of his strength, nor the rich man of his riches. What then is the right kind of boasting? What is the source of man’s greatness? Scripture says: The man who boasts must bost of this, that he knows and understand that…

  • Welcome to 2019!

    Welcome to 2019!

    The last week of 2018 and the first week of 2019 were nuts around La Casa de Kraft. In addition of having a month-old and three of us having pneumonia in December, our oldest had an asthma attack with an upper respiratory infection, which had complications resulting her having four ER visits and two admissions…

  • Ringing In 2019!

    Ringing In 2019!

    We’re ringing in 2019 at Dell Children’s Medical Center. Asthma sucks. Pneumonia sucks. I never really realized how troublesome asthma can be. As a kid, it seemed like enough people had it that it was somewhat normal and I never saw an attack. So, it wasn’t really a bit deal. For O, she’s actively under…