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  • Knock Knock WHOIS There?

    Knock Knock WHOIS There?

    You can still have fun while being corporate and while doing legal processes. One thing that brings me joy at work is to hear of the names we come up for entities. There’s Automattic, of course, named after Matt. We have a few subsidiaries in other countries to help streamline employment matters for Automatticians in […]

  • Moving

    I just moved a fridge from a neighbor’s house to mine three blocks away—by pushing it on a dolly. #YOLOFriday

  • Little Checks

    I enjoy when corporations send checks for very tiny amounts.

  • That Time CNN Interviews You…

    That Time CNN Interviews You…

    Don’t tweet @Velveeta about Super Bowl queso – Video – Technology Around Thanksgiving, Abby from CNN reached out wanting to do a story about my Internet-famous Twitter confusion and when she realized that both @Velveeta and I lived in Austin, it was the tipping point for her to fly out to visit with us. It […]

  • This Exists.

    If only I could count the times I needed something to slice a hot dog and provide a cup for ketchup all at the same time.

  • Gas Station Math

    We spent a week in El Paso (without solid Internet, thus the radio silence here) and spotted this on the way. I like gas station math. Per the top banner, I can get a 32 ounce fountain drink for 89¢ or per the red sign in the window. I can get a 16 ounce drink […]