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  • Orlando

    There isn’t a word for the event overnight in Orlando. To call it terrorism, which it was, makes it seem like something far away, isolated, and a something abstract that politicians will use to further their own ends (which they will anyhow). To call it a mass shooting, which it was, lumps it into the […]

  • Joys and Sorrows of Liturgy

    Joys and Sorrows of Liturgy

    This week, Austin celebrated the ordination of our first auxiliary bishop, Bishop Danny Garcia while the Notre Dame and Holy Cross communities celebrated the funeral of Fr. Ted Hesburgh, CSC, President Emeritus of ND and arguably their most influential president, short of founder Fr. Sorin himself. Thanks to the wonders of technology, we can see […]

  • Background on the New Ex-Anglican Ordinariate

    This is a companion piece to my article today at Austin Catholic New Media. Read more about what the erection of the Ordinariate tells us about Pope Benedict XVI and how it impacts you and your ministry at ACNM. On January 1st, the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith erected the Personal Ordinariate of the Chair of […]

  • Holy Father’s Prayer Intentions for March

    Pope Benedict’s general prayer intention for March is: “That the nations of Latin America may walk in fidelity to the Gospel and progress in justice and peace”. His mission intention is: “That the Holy Spirit may give light and strength to those in many regions of the world who are persecuted and discriminated against because […]

  • Pope Benedict XVI’s Intentions for December

    For the month of December, the Holy Father asks our prayers for the following intentions: The Experience of Personal Suffering as a Help to Others who SufferGeneral: That our personal experience of suffering may be an occasion for better understanding the situation of unease and pain which is the lot of many people who are […]

  • Pope Benedict XVI’s Intentions for November

    For the month of November, the Holy Father asks our prayers for the following intentions: Drug Addicts and Victims of Every Form of DependenceGeneral:  That victims of drugs or of other dependence may, thanks to the support of the Christian community, find in the power of our Saving God strength for a radical life-change. The […]