Parental Review

Friday was Catalina’s first birthday! In our household, you’re a baby until your 1st birthday, then a “little toddler” until your 2nd birthday, then a “big toddler”. Olivia is excited about Catalina becoming a little toddler.

A Cake with Happy Birthday Candles

photocredit: flickr/spool32

Last night, I asked Olivia what was the best part of Catalina becoming a little toddler. She replied “I teach her things.” What things? “How to get up and walk around!” I guess she’s been saving that up until she felt Catalina was worthy of such an honor as walking. Read More

Sleep Training: Part 239

Trying to continue sleep train Olivia. We’ll letting her cry it out a bit…
Olivia: Daddy! Come rock me! It’s my favorite!

During a conversation concerning having both girls cry it out at night
Vanessa: There will be yelling in the House of Kraft tonight.

Sleep has been a constant struggle with Olivia. We were those parents that simply couldn’t understand how any type of “cry it out” method was humane. She was just 8 pounds of joy…how could we just let her cry? Her first three months of life, she would not sleep without being held and we were too wimpy to let her cry herself to sleep ever.

We were zombies for a long time.

photocredit: flickr/xlibber

While it had overall improved for both girls, they took a few steps back recently. Catalina shouldn’t still eat at night. Olivia went from not waking up most nights to waking up more times than I have fingers. We would rock her for a minute and put her back down. When she occasionally woke up once a night, that was fine. When it is 10 times, it is just stupid.  Read More


The second in an occasional series of posts of “Quotes of the Whenever”. I’m working on a server transition for Austin Catholic New Media, so a light post for today.

At about 10 a.m.
Olivia: How about crackers? (asking for some crackers)
Me: Okay, I’ll give you crackers now, but then no more for the rest of the day.
Olivia: No deal.

This was after Olivia doing something silly.
Me: You’re being a goosey-goose!
Olivia: Don’t call me that! Call me mija! (Spanish slang for my daughter)
Me: Okay, Mija, I’ll call you that, but you’re still a goosey-goose.
Olivia: I’m not a goosey-goose! I’m my own monkey! I eat bananas!

Me: [Telling Olivia she shouldn’t do whatever she was doing that she had been told not to before.]
Olivia: (Fighting Tears) Don’t say that! Just stop!

For those wondering, Catalina isn’t talking yet. She’s trying. Hard. She has a solid “Dadadada” and some sign language, but nothing that would translate well to QOTW.